Campanella Strings

I make violins and mandolins by hand. When I'm not working on instruments, I play them, draw them, and write about them. Here are some of my recent works and work in progress. Enjoy! Joe C.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Blocks Set and top Joined

I've gotten into the heavy woodworking stage of the grant instrument, such as it is. I've planed and joined the Englemann Spruce top and set the willow blocks onto the mold. I've already cut and thicknessed some rib stock and plan on scraping the toothed plane marks and bending ribs sometime today. Design-wise, I'm getting close but need to make the final decision on some major things: Tuners and Tailpiece. How far do I go? I'm hoping to test the feasibility of using planetary (geared) pegs for a traditional look but with a familiar ratio. On the tailpiece, can I use a violin-style gut (or Titanium cable) and floating tailpiece? It might take ball end strings and a wood/carbon/wood laminate TP for strength and feasibility. It's my chance to make these changes and see the results...


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