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I make violins and mandolins by hand. When I'm not working on instruments, I play them, draw them, and write about them. Here are some of my recent works and work in progress. Enjoy! Joe C.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

beyond the big push

On Saturday afternoon I began varnishing the instrument after five very full days of completing the white work. Needless to say, I was beat-tired and ecstatic all at once. I set out directly for the Champlain Valley Folk Festival to show some other instruments, and had a great weekend, the highlight of which was a pretty free-form jam with Rashaad Eggleston, Larry Unger, Jeremiah McClane and some other folks. It was a perfect musical ending to my week of intense work. Late Friday night, I discovered that my HP Photosmart camera, which has served me and this project so well had up and died on the tripod, lens hanging out like a tired dog's tongue. So, therefore no new pics since then. Before it died, however, I got this self portrait of a late night break from neck setting.
HP is sending me a replacement w/in 24hrs, so I hope to show the varnish process, though I'm now getting to the color-stage: looking good.


Blogger Mike said...

I just found your site via a link from the Mandolin Cafe. I'm a mandolin player who works for a music store in Paducah, Ky. Just wanted to let you know this is a great blog, and I hope you keep going! Can't wait to see the final product, but I love watching the process too.

Michael Choate

8:17 PM  

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